Monday, March 28, 2011

"Cheese Steak Wit Wiz"

I gained 6 pounds last week at the NCAA wrestling tournament thanks to a daily diet of "Philly Cheese Steaks Wit Wiz." Most of the vast worldwide readership that is Darrell's Yakimania has seen the Seinfeld episode--The Soup Nazi. The Yakimania entourage at the NCAA wrestling tournament in Philly encountered one better--The Cheese Steak Fascist. Besides wrestling, our main goal was to find the city's most amazing Cheese Steaks. Mission accomplished! Several of the places we went to had long lines snaking around the block. If you weren't ready with your order and able to use the precise Philly jargon to place your order, you were sent to the back of the line. I was twice assigned to "Cheese Steak Purgatory" (ie, being ordered to the back of the line) for an inability to order succinctly with the right phraseology. I practiced and practiced, but when I was stared down by the Cheese Steak Fascist, I choked.

Regardless, it was a fabulous week of wresting and fun with some awesome friends. The top five events of this week were as follows:

1. Anthony Robles winning the National Title at 125lbs.;

2. Iowa being dethroned as Nationals Champions by Penn State;

3. Utah Valley's Ben Kjar making the semi-finals and becoming UVU first All-American;

4. Touring the Constitution House and the sites of downtown Philly;

5. Talking wrestling ad naseum with some amazing "has-been wrestlers" and friends!

By the way, for those who say Robles has an advantage because he is missing a leg and can put more weight into his upper body, my response is simple: "Are you on crack?!" If it were such an advantage to wrestle on one leg, wrestlers would be sawing off one of their legs to be more competitive. Robles has an advantage only because he made it an advantage. He is a remarkable athlete who developed technique unique to his abilities and learned to dominate. He was dominate at his weight class because he was the best athlete. I love this sport like I love life. The fact that it gives an opportunity to someone like Robles to showcase what an amazing athlete he is, makes me love it all the more.