Monday, February 9, 2009

I Miss My Favorite Wrestler!

CBL 3A Coach of the Year--Rob Laggerquist

Not having Shea around this year has been difficult. I know I smothered and irritated him, but "dang it" that was my job. Without his surly disposition and evasive answers to even the most mundane and harmless questions, I feel lost--without a sense of purpose. Lil' D is too easy to boss around; whereas, Shea at times worked creatively to be disagreeable. Regardless, I really miss him. Not only did our team miss him, but on a personal level, coaching was not nearly as intense of an experience without him on the mat. He would have complimented this team of Seniors nicely and given us a winning record, as well as post-season hopes at 171lbs. This has been a great group of wrestlers. We knew 4 years ago that we would probably do fairly well.

Cody "the Funkmeister" Bruland capturing his first tournament championship under the lights at Grandview.

"The Show" Nick Gautreaux doing what he does best: Dominate!

Ross "The Kung Fu Chicken" putting the hurt on his opponent.

Weston "The Freak" Green getting to the Subregional finals as a first year wrestler. He is truly a freak.

"The Banshee" Jace Elenich doing something spectacular and Irish (ie, crazy) to win.

We have big hopes for DJ "Crazy Legs" Stai next year.

"The Big Nasty" Brad Overand showing how a cradle is done in the land of plenty (ie, at heavyweight)
Jeff Abhold earning his first high school medal, with his patented "assassin" pinning combination.