Sunday, April 5, 2009

A Vast Worldwide Readership

Some have inquired, "What exactly does it take to declare your Blog as a blog with a 'vast worldwide readership'?" While there is little empirical data to support my boast that, in fact, I do serve a "vast worldwide readership", I simply know that its true. I have never trivialized my lofty sense of worth with needless details. Regardless, of actual support for my claim, my "vast worldwide readership" is more an ideal than anything. But to satisfy any pointless inquiries concerning this matter, let me cite to several unassailable facts, which clearly establish my Blog as having a "vast worldwide readership":

1. People have viewed (and commented on) my Blog from far flung foreign countries (Chelsea while in Africa and in South America);
2. People who follow and comment on my Blog have been to foreign countries and are bi-lingual and bi-cultural (For example, consider Rangi (France and French) and Rocky (Brazil and Portuguese);
3. I myself, as author of Darrell's Yakimania, was married in a foreign country (Canada);
4. I can use chopsticks;
5. I am very friendly with foreigners (Take for example, my Chinese neighbor who has a very lyrical name that is fun to say);
6. I eat at Antijitos Taqueria at least twice a week.

If these facts do not qualify me for vigorous boasting as enjoying a "vast worldwide readership" I don't know what does. To be certain there are many other very impressive facts that could have easily been marshaled as proof of the vast worldwide nature of my Blog, but as most of you probably know hyperbole has never been my style.

By the way, the She-wolf and I are celebrating our 30th Anniversary this June. We are discussing what exotic destination to make our romantic get-a-way in late 2009. Any suggestions would be appreciated. We are thinking something that assists with the whole "worldwide" concept of my Blog would be appropriate.