Monday, November 2, 2009

Double Down on the Wolverine Talisman

On Monday, I took a big chance. A very big chance. Shea gave me a most excellent "Wolverine" T-shirt for Father's Day. This is a very cool shirt and I only wear it on special occasions. I decided to experiment and see what wearing both the Wolverine belt and the Wolverine T-shirt might produce when I went fishing. I suspected that this would be something akin to Gandolf the Grey accepting possession of "The One Ring" in Lord of the Rings. It would be a power too awesome to consider. Well, on Monday I wore both "The Belt" and "The Shirt" fishing. Suffice it to say that I was almost magical. I landed 19 fish in total. Although I missed a lot of fish, I was still regularly hooking up big fish. I was pretty picky and kicked off a number of fish that were foul hooked, small or Chinooks (You can't keep Chinook on the Klickitat after November 1st). Nevertheless, I placed 6 fish in the cooler. Most importantly, I ended up being one fish away from filling out my catch card. A first for me. Say what you will, but I will never even think about fishing without first putting on my most excellent Wolverine Shirt (Thank You Shea!) and strapping on the Ultimate Talisman, the Wolverine Belt. Above is a picture of me with a nice Steelie hen caught on a fly rod a few years ago.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

My Barefoot Contessa

The other night I came home and was overpowered by the wonderful aromas of the Shewolf's kitchen. It was thick and sweet and tangible. I could smell the garlic and the onions. Was it also cumin? Definitely, there was a sweet, smokey flavor in the air, almost like honeyed ham. You know the aroma that you experience when you walk into a ridiculously expensive restaurant. Well, it was just like that, except I was home. Okay now I am going to make all of you extremely jealous. This happens all the time when you live with and sleep in the same bed as the "The Barefoot Contessa." It was about 7:30 pm and I had worked late. I knew I was in for a real treat when I entered the garage and could smell the tale-tell delicious aromas wafting in the air. My Barefoot Contessa was no where in sight, but in the warming drawer was the most sumptuous Proscuitto wrapped Halibut with Roasted Winter Garden Vegetables (Butternut Squash, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes and Yukon Gold Potatoes). It was truly a feast. My Barefoot Contessa had been experimenting with some new recipe. No, this was not my birthday. This was not even a Sunday meal with special guests. It was just a typically Wednesday night on a day that My Barefoot Contessa was not entirely swamped with church work. It was like being in a restaurant, but way better because I get to sleep with the Executive Chef after the meal.

Every man who loves his wife, loves his wife best naked. However, barefoot is also good. Who ever coined the phrase, "Kissing don't last, but Cooking do" was a certified moron. The adage is better phrased, "Cooking rocks because it leads to Kissing!" I absolutely love coming home to the aromas and ambience that has defined My Barefoot Contessa. I had no idea what Sheila's talents were when I married her. I loved her because she was hot and fun to be with. I know, I know. It was shallow and not at all on what I should have focused, and yet somehow, deep inside I knew that I didn't need to ask any further. I found what I wanted. I felt compelled to spend every waking moment with this most delicious creature. It was like a drug, truly. Idyllically, I envisioned my future--an amazing life filled with adventure and fun and children. However, life is nothing like what I imagined pre-marriage when I was begging Sheila to marry me. We have experienced our fair share of heartache and disappointment. We have endured some very dark, crushing moments--not at all what I had envisioned pre-marriage. And yet, there have been moments so sweet and encompassing that my pre-marriage vision pales in comparison. Better, much better.

I had no idea that Sheila would develop culinary skills worthy of Stadium Kitchen. That was not part of the deal. However, it has certainly enhanced the deal. When we built this house, I really wanted Sheila to have a kitchen worthy of her skills. I think she made some really good decisions: A second prep sink, two dishwashers, two ovens, a warming drawer, two kitchen aids, a large gas range top with indoor grill, a pot filling faucet above the stove, a large walk in pantry, and lots of counter space. My Barefoot Contessa has made the most of her kitchen. My life with the genuine Barefoot Contessa is way better than anything I could have imagined as a 21 college student madly in love with a beautiful brunette co-ed. Last Wednesday night proved that in spades!
Below is the Sous Chef--Lil' D, and Grandma She She holding Baby Ally.