Saturday, January 18, 2014

Award Winning Dance Moves

As I review 2013 and the many amazing experiences and major accomplishments that occurred in my life, one in particular sticks out.  The 2013 West Yellowstone Rodeo's Dance Contest.  Now, I have always known that I was a good dancer (I suspect that loyal followers of Darrell's Yakimania aren't surprised to read this.)  I knew this was true even when I was mocked by family members who hated on my dance moves.  I have been largely impervious to hypercritical observations such as, "Stop, you're embarrassing me!"  "Seriously!  Stop right now!"  "Are  you sure you're okay?!"  "You look like you're have an epileptic fit!" I simply chalk up such comments to oh-I am-so-jealous.

I love big beat music and sense that I feel the music and can express myself in ways that other people perhaps cannot.  I loved to dance in high school.  I graduated in 1975 right at the beginning of the disco era.  Although the clothing from this era was, in retrospect, hideous, the dancing was a lot of fun. I struggled with the set dances from this era such as the Electric Bump and the  Hustle; however, whenever I was just moving and grooving, and doing my own thang, it was pretty much magic on the dance floor.

Now, if you were to ask what kind of dancing I'm good at, I would likely have to pause and thoughtfully consider that question.  There are dancers who specialize in country western/line dancing, ballroom steps, Tejana, etc.   I think my style would best be described as Eclectic Freestyle.  I have no idea what that even means, but I'm certain it accurately describes my unique and interesting style of dance.  Above is the video graphic proof of the serious damage I can do on the dance floor.  Please note, however, that the video doesn't do justice to my sublime dance talent for several reasons: a) I was trying to dance on a dusty dirt surface, b) I was wearing flip-flops and c) the song was so short that I didn't have time to bust out my big moves. The reality is that West Yellowstone is not likely ready for my big moves just yet, so maybe it's best there were some limitations imposed on me.

Regardless, I won a prize for my efforts, which technically makes me an Award Winning Dancer.  Following my victorious dance, I continued to relive the moment of glory with my family for several days:

"I just can't believe that I won! Can you believe it?!" 


"I've never won a dance contest before, but I'm not really surprised.  Were you surprised?!"


"Show me the video again, because there were a couple a places where I think I could've improved on how I was moving.  If I practice a little bit, do you think Dancing with the Stars might be in my future?"


"Was my performance pretty-much flawless, or did you see some minor areas that I could have done differently?  Maybe in execution of some of the more technical aspects of my dance?  What do you think?"


Their tepid response? Jealously, no doubt!

In the end, 2013 proved to be another magical year for DKS.  And for all you haters out there that doubt me, just remember I AM the Award Winning Dancer from the 2013 West Yellowstone Rodeo who is holding the big prize:  a $5.00 gift certificate for seriously valuable merchandise at the Mountain View Mercantile!