Sunday, November 8, 2015

Another One Bites The Dust

I'm not saying exactly how it happened.  Actually, I'm not saying how it happened at all.  But what is clear is that I was recently forced to buy a yet another new cell phone because my very stylish, and very expensive smart phone bit the dust. Because inquiring minds want to know, what I will say about the circumstances that lead to the demise of yet another phone is that it involved both very unhygienic water and high speed impact.  As readers of Darrell's Yakimania well know, I have replaced a number of my phones due to curious conditions that have voided the insurance replacement contract.  I have lost, damaged and destroyed phones in peculiar circumstances that can only be described as fantastical.  I wouldn't have believe some of these events, had I not been present and witnessed with my own eyes what actually happened.  It's frustrating for me, primarily because I can't explain my seemingly endless streak of bad luck when it comes to cell phones.  It's as if my phones hate me for reasons that defy logic.  Phones (as smart as they are) cannot think; therefore, this notion that "my phones hate me" makes no sense whatsoever. And because none of this makes sense, nor provides me with the ability to rationally explain it, I simple shrug and confess, another bites the dust.

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