Tuesday, January 20, 2015

"I Gotta Get Me One of Those!"

The She-wolf and I were watching a movie the other night which included a very sexy scene of some star-struck lovers dancing.  I commented, "Why don't we dance more?  I'm really good, you know."  Silence.  I continued, "All bet if we had the right sound system, we might dance more." More silence.  I'm pretty sure that a person like me who truly loves to dance is held back primarily by the lack of opportunity.  I reasoned, "If we had a really cool sound system, you know, something like the DJs used that MC'd at Keith's Hero-Up for Children's Cancer race in Portland, I bet you and I would be dancing all of the time."  As I thought more about the serious equipment they used, I could almost feel my heart thumping, and I knew right then, "Whoa, I gotta get me one of those!"--referring to their sound system.  I suggested to the Shewolf that I absolutely needed such a system.  As one might suspect, she then proceeded to lecture me a bit on needs vs. wants.  Our conversation went something like this:

     "What would you do with a system like that?"
     "I would invite my friends over and we would rock out?"
     "I can't see any of your friends wanting to come over for a dance party with you.  Frankly, it seems like a stupid idea."
     "Are you saying my friends are boring?"
     "No, I just can't see it happening."
     "Well with a system like that, maybe I'll get new friends."
     " Yeah, you do that Big Guy."

I love my wife to pieces, but honestly, sometimes she totally lacks vision.  And as readers of Darrell's Yakimania all know, vision is what makes me who I am.  I'm pricing out systems right now because of this vision.  I don't really see myself totally abandoning all of my old friends, of course, but I have to admit that some new friends who would totally appreciate my new rocking sound system is intriguing.   While there have been some notoriously bad decisions in my life that have started with "I gotta get me one of those," I'm absolutely certain that getting a big sound system to create more opportunities to dance with my wife is not one of those.

The photo above is me relishing the sound system used at Keith's Hero-Up for Children's Cancer race.


Saimi said...

You go Wolverine, dance your claws out!

Sydney said...

Live it up while you're young!

Rangi said...

I want to be invited to the dance party!