Thursday, April 2, 2015

A Most Remarkable Daughter

Thirty three year ago Sheila gave birth to most amazing child.   Her birth really began on April 1, 1982.  I told Sheila, "You just cross those legs; ain't none of our kids going to be born on April 1st!  They'll be pranked for everyone of their birthdays. So just shut her down girlfriend!"  Seriously, could you imagine that! I don't know if the leg crossing technique worked, but in the end Chelsea Jan was born early in the morning on April 2, 1982.

It was a snowy Spring day in Salt Lake City the day she was born.  Despite the weather, my heart and soul were warmed by the thought of such a beautiful child.  And every day since April 2, 1982, my heart and soul have continued to be warmed by the simple fact that she is part of our family.  For thirty three years she has given us nothing but joy.  And while that might sound like hyperbole, it's absolutely true.

Chelsea has always lived her life with confidence and courage.  She has accomplished much and continues to inspire me to be better, and do more.  Two things in particular illustrate her greatness.  First, as a high school senior she made a decision to raise money for Dollars for Scholars.  This was before Senior Projects were required.  Chelsea did it because she is a do-gooder.  Now-a-days, every high school senior is required to do a senior project.  And as we have seen, many of these projects are lame and mostly self-serving.  In contrast, her project was ambitious, substantive and wildly successful.  She ended up raising over $11,000 for her charity.  Not bad for a high school senior who received virtually no assistance from her parents in pulling this off.  Second, was when she left for graduate school in London.  If she was nervous, or had doubts, it never showed.  She has always exhibited a determination and grit that has made me proud. She lived and thrived in a foreign country (Chile) as a missionary of course, but that's different--as a missionary, you are watched over by a mission president.  When we visited her in London on several occasions, it was obvious that she was capable of handling her affairs sans guidance or assistance from her parents.  I have never been prouder of Chelsea than when we attended her graduation from the University of London. 

I know that I have been far less of a parent than what she deserves, but I am grateful for the times we have shared: hiking, backpacking, skiing, and just chilling.  While there is nothing remarkable about a thirty-third birthday, there is something extraordinarily remarkable about this young daughter of mine!  So Happy Birthday Chelsea!


Sydney said...

She really is remarkable! Happy birthday Chi!

Mindy said...

This is such a nice post. Chelsea is amazing. I love how she is confident, positive and always happy but also so kind! Ha ha...glad Sheila crossed those legs, April 2nd is way better than April 1st(:

Darcee said...

Love that Chels. Perfect post dad!

Rangi said...

Great post! You are lucky to have her!